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To develop the world’s most loyal and dedicated listening audience while creating and maintaining a level of quality and technology advancement that is second to none.

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We at The Best of All time have taken a completely different kind of stance when it comes to your Radio Listening Experience. Much like how the first cars resembled the technology they replaced, for example: The 'Model T Ford' looked very much like a 'horseless carriage' at the time; we have seen traditional AM / FM Radio be replaced by new technology that also closely resembles its predecessor. The vast majority of internet websites stream music just like the AM / FM of old, and do not utilize the awesome interactive power that Internet can bring to the radio listener like yourself.

The Best of All Time Internet Radio was created as a direct answer these questions:
Why shouldn’t an Internet Radio station know who you are, allow you to vote on your favourite songs and in doing so change your listening experience all together (as well as indirectly and carefully influence the listening exposure of others so that the world's preferences are accurately reflected in what you hear on the radio)?

Why limit a Radio Station to the personal preferences of a "Programming Director", "DJ" or "Music Industry as a whole"? You the listener should be empowered to choose what you want to listen to and in doing so affect the performance of our radio station to customize to you. Not the other way around.

Our new custom built Artificial Intelligence Player now places you in this position. You have control at all times. Fast-forward, Re-wind, pause, play and vote for and against songs at every turn and our station will evolve to meet your personal desires in every way. In fact, The Best of All Time Player has been known to match your moods and desires even faster then it would take to create and build your own mp3 collection. Simply put, no other player (online or offline) matches the dynamic capabilities of The Best of All Time. We challenge you to try to prove us wrong.

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