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The advent of iPhone is here and The Best of All Time is leading the way!

Years ago when The Best of All Time was founded, the vision was to have an online radio station that remembers all of your preferences (outdating the need of downloading mp3 files yourself) and allowing you to play music from anywhere in the world at any time. Now with Apple’s new iPhone this reality is now here. By blending our proven Artificial Intelligence technology with the newest in cellular internet technology, The Best of All Time is now leading the way with our online iPhone Internet Radio.

Your new reality:
Get in your car, plug your iPhone into your car stereo and drive across the country listening to all of your favorite songs custom delivered to you at all times with just a touch of a button; or listen on the subway or at a park with your headphones delivering directly to your ears the best music of all time through your new iPhone Internet Radio. Unlimited music and all of the greatest hits are now with you everywhere you go, without even downloading or purchasing a single CD. The Best of All Time iPhone Internet Radio has now revolutionized internet radio as we know it and our unique use of web technology and iPhone technology will soon revolutionize the world! We thank you for partnering with us in our exciting new journey!

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